Dear Daddy... six months

Dear Daddy,

Six months. I don't know how I've made it this far. It feels like you've been gone forever. And yet, I remember just like it was yesterday, the day you went home.

I have been through so much since you've been gone. We all have. I've grown tall, and I've fallen down. I've had good days, I've had bad days, I've had days that I don't even remember. 

I know the things you would want me to do, the things I can hear you whisper to me in the wind, the things you share with me in my dreams. I am trying so hard to do what I know you would want me to do. The last words you ever wrote to me were "I am so proud of you". I try every day to make those words truer and truer, now that you are gone.

I've been through the pain (which never really goes away), I've been through the anger, I still cry. I'm trying to grasp the reality that you aren't here with us. It's frustrating not to pick up the phone and call you, for advice or just to hear you say 'Hi There'.

I miss watching Nascar together. I miss walking in and seeing you in your chair. I miss your stories. I miss your smell. I miss your voice, I miss your face. 

Most of all, I miss your hugs.

Today is double difficult. You've been gone six months, and today is your 31st Wedding Anniversary. I'll still celebrate, because without your love, I would cease to exist.

I love you Daddy. With all my heart.

'Til We Meet Again... Love Always, your Sunshine


Lehua said...

Hang in there, love.
Keep a smile on your face and celebrate your dad instead of being sad.

He's always with you in your heart.
Forever & Always.

Love ya!

Tiffany said...

You are amazing! He would be so proud of you~
My heart is with you today and always!

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