another fill in the blank

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1.   I wish   my dad was still here, at least for this holiday season  .

2.  Yesterday I   went to lunch with my sister and my niece for my grandmothers 88th birthday .

3.  Today I will   get my car washed, work til 3pm, go home, cry, decorate the Christmas tree, hopefully watch a Christmas movie with my kids, and wrap gifts .

4.  Tomorrow I will   get up early, wrap gifts, make gloog, babysit my sisters kiddos, get showered and dressed for a holiday (gloog) party   .

5.  Maybe     I can fit in some time to get some craft time in _.

6.  Someday   __I hope to be able to take time out for myself  .

7.  I love  __my family and friends !

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Tiffany said...

thinking of you Jen!! :)

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