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i know, two blog posts in one day. i'm making up for lost times. lol
i came across THIS inspiring Library Love Shoot over at Ruffled (one of my favorite wedding blogs) and it sparked my flame (and my memory) of when i used to work in the library in high school. 
eco-friendly wedding
eco-friendly wedding
eco-friendly wedding
i'm thankful to my parents, they always took us to the local library when my sister and i were kids. i loved checking out books, and sitting in their big oversized chairs and begin to read the next great story. i remember the first chapter book that i read (twice) was called "Wonderful Me"... I was an avid reader of the Christy Miller series and Nancy Drew books throughout elementary and junior high school. once i got to high school i enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby and Fahrenheit 451. A book completely out of my range but I still greatly enjoyed it was Always Running: La Vida Loca. it was on one of my 'shelves' that i had to keep organized. 
i loved cataloging books, and looking at old school yearbooks in the back, and thumbing through all the back issues of LIFE and National Geographic and TIME and Seventeen magazines. ahhh, i could go on and on about my fascination of one time being a librarian. reading is so powerful, and it wasn't until this past year that i remembered my love for it.
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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these photos!

What beautiful table arrangements to pay tribute to a great institution - the Library!

Thanks for sharing and making me smile.

Love, mom

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