(cyber) mondy ramblings...


1.  when i look for random pics (like the one above) i look up by one word, then go to page 21. always. lol

2.  i did NOT participate in any black friday or cyber monday shopping. boo. 

3.  i had my first winter sbucks on Sat morning, thanks to the hubs (Peppermint Mocha)

4.  i'm a winner-winner-chicken-dinner over at the fancy biscuit

5.  got all (ok, almost all) my Christmas decorations up. still need to put up my tree in my bedroom (yes, I am that spoiled) and this year i do believe i get to buy another (fake) tree for the formal living/dining room (with no furniture). the real tree goes up next week in the family room.

6.  turkey day was good. much better than i imagined it to be (aside from the timing of the food. lol) but we all got through it... without curling up in fetal positions and bawling. (i'll post pics on that soon).

7.  i really Really REALLY want a laptop, like super-di-duper badly. (but not holding my breath either... this year, gift for KIDS ONLY)

8.  had a seriously yummy sushi dinner (company din-din) at Pure Sushi Bar in Scottsdale. Their Creamy Bake Lobster Roll was honestly the best Sushi Roll I have EVER had!!

9.  temps in AZ dropped into the mid to high 20s last night... therefore leaving the business SUPER-CRAZY-BUSY! I've been taking calls all morning long (it's 1pm now) and have blogged here and there. I got the hubs service schedule booked into OT (overtime) tonight AND tomorrow!! Crazy crazy crazy!! 

10.  we took the kids (and my nephew Jake) to BWW and then to see the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 last night... great movie (and for the record... the snake scared the be-jesus out of me!!!)

11.  Was thinking about a Red Velvet inspired giveaway... hmmm, maybe??

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Gina said...

I like this post.

I have to tell you, the snake in the Harry Potter movie scared me too! I jumped and knocked my water bottle on the floor in the process! LOL

I can't believe you had 20 degrees in AZ. I didn't think that was possible!

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