My Way

My Way

For my 30th birthday, my Mom and Dad purchased tickets for the hubs and I to go see "My Way; A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra" at the Arizona Broadway Theatre
For me, this is bittersweet. I am really so excited to go and see this show, being such a Frank Sinatra fan. But it feels like the last little bit of my Dad thats still here. It was His thoughtful idea to purchase these tickets for me, just like it was his thoughtful idea to purchase season tickets to the ABT for him and my mother to go dine and see a show. Daddy's already paid for the next season (of course, the planner that he was) but he wont be here to see them. Their tickets to see this show are next Friday night. Mom wants to go, but with who. It won't be the same. Like I said, bittersweet.
In any case, I know that I will have a good time. I know that my Dad will be with me, enjoying the show through my eyes. How I wish I could talk to him about it. We'd been talking about this show since late spring.
Sigh. Bittersweet.
It is going to be a lovely night out. I am sure of it.


Gina said...

I know you'll love the show & it'll be all the more special because of the circumstances. Your dad will be there with the two of you, you can bet on it.

Anonymous said...

I bet it was a great show! Just stopping in to say hello :)

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