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i am so happy it is friday! are you?

the hubs will be hunting/scouting this weekend and i have my sister's kids all weekend (she works) so here is my plan on how to survive:

1. have fun and jump around

2.  love what is left of summer (like watermelon. lol)

3.  bake some seriously yummy cookies

4.  settle down to a 'kids' movie (or two)

5.  rest and take it eeeeeaaaasssyyy....

what does YOUR weekend look like??


Jamie said...

I'm coming over to your house. Your weekend sounds a lot better than what I have planned which is organizing, cleaning, church meetings and trying to find some order in my life!!! haha!
Have fun! Love you! xo

Miss Wendy said...

Mine looks like rain, reading, and naps galore. I can't wait.

Your weekend sounds lovely!

Gina said...

So far all of Saturday was spent painting my sister's dining room. I can't believe it took us all day!
Today is looking like a lazy day, since I'm hurting from being in all those crazy positions while painting! LOL

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