day twenty three : awkward first impression

day twenty three : most awkward first impression you feel you've ever given

hmm, what an awkward question. lol
i'll have to go with my recent visit to MO. meetings so many people that i've only spoken to through computer, emails and blogs. i wouldn't say awkward, especially with Miss Jamie, but when i met my inspiration super hero Miss Elsie Flanagan I was SOOO Not myself! I was nervous and quiet, which is totally not me (I'm more outspoken and dorky in real life. lol)

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Jamie said...

=) I'm happy to say that you were TOTALLY YOURSELF and I saw no shyness or quiet. haha!
You're an amazing woman full of LIFE!!!!! & I love it! :)
So glad you had an amazing birthday!! Saw some FB pics and you were smokin' hot, girl!!! Love you! xoxo

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