day five : thank you

day five : a thank you letter to someone who has changed your life

*This was incredibly impossible to name just one person because I have had some amazing people enter (and exit) my life. I truly don't want to 'favor' anybody, so here is my semi-generic yet completely from the heart note.

Dearest You,

It is my deepest belief that people come into ones life for a reason. A purpose. You have come into life for good reason. Your purpose has touched my heart and opened my soul. I have grown leaps and bounds because of You. I have learned so much about myself, through Your love. Thank You. For sharing Yourself in my life. For giving Yourself to me. For me. For all the wonder and beauty and joy that You continue to give just by being in my heart. I will always be grateful and forever keep you apart of my soul.

All My Love,


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