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So, long story short... I had a big painful (like excruciatingly painful) neck issue that demanded I put this weeks exercise schedule (along with myself) to rest. While I did mostly that (you know me, I got too many things to sit still) I started to catch up on The City (from Season 1 Ep 1) and I have to say, just like The Hills ... I'm newly obsessed! I mean, the fashion alone... come ON! How exciting! The opportunities presented... just the lifestyle in general... it's like nothing I have ever experienced (or probably ever will). West coast life is sooo incredibly different than east coast life. But, thats what makes the world go 'round, right?
Okay... so, I thought for some Friday eye candy... I'd share some 'the City'-inspired fashion... xoxo
Olivia, Samantha, Whitney, Roxy and Erin K.
Erin K., Roxy, Whitney, Samantha and Olivia
Olivia, Whitney and Erin
Whitney, Adam, Erin, Jay and Olivia

Black Evolve Waistcoat
105 GBP -
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Holiday Drinks 2006

knight cat


Connie said...

Jen I love this post I love the City and the Fashion seeing these girls makes me want to work out and lose weight, take a shower and get dressed up and then have no place to go cuz I'm in Idaho! lol!

hotmomz said...

ok i must b a retard cuz i have no idea how to tag or look at tags!!!

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