Brittany Murphy

I know it's been nearly 6 months since her death, but I have to be honest... it really broke my heart when I heard she passed away. So weird. It's not like I 'knew' her. It's not like she was this massive influence in my life. But something about her death has stuck with me, and I really don't know what exactly it could be.

Saturday, I woke up to my all-time favorite movie Clueless which made me realize that this is where I first totally adored her. Tai... what a lucky girl to get such a Beverly Hills makeover!! :-)

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Then (no joke) later in the day Just Married was on... and I forgot how much I really loved that movie, how sweet and cheery she is to be in love and newlywed.

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One of my favorite movies of her's, that I first saw on the way home from Hawaii (on a red eye... this movie honestly helped calm my anxiety) was Uptown Girls

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One last movie suggestion... Love and Other Disasters

Anyway... Miss Elsie asked about a photographer, and after doing some research this morning, I found Jeff Riedel who is an amazing photographer... but I came across theses...

and all at once it sort of hit me... This girl was so full of excitement and joy and fun. She seems so true to herself, and to her work that the two really don't separate. She was bold and willing, and she had so much more to give, and at 32 for her life to be over, so young... seems so tragic. But in my opinion, she seem to have lived life to the fullest. She seemed to get the concept 'make every day count'... because like they say, tomorrow may never come.


Gina said...

What a complete tragedy...too darn young!

Stephanie said...

She was one of my favorite actresses too...I always felt like she was really easy to relate to and down to's sad that she's gone.

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