crazy monday funday

oh my goodness gravies!!!
how are you lovely people today??

i woke up sick (again) and i've got absolutely no-time to be sick.. got a long list of to-do's today...
here goes...

- shower and shave legs (shower was more important... legs tomorrow i guess... whats another day, right??)
- pack lunches (i got mine packed... the kids will just have to buy again today, and the hubs... well. sorry babe, you're on your own)
- get to the office early on time (check)
- check in with service and make morning call backs (in the process of... an hour and a half later. lol)
- check emails (halfway done)
- meet new Happy Mail partner (and I am so SUPER-EXCITED about this... her name is Tiffany and you can find her HERE and HERE and her super talents you can see HERE!! Now go and say Hello pretty please!!)
- (I'm adding this new to my list) From my sweet Happy Mail partner (aforementioned) I found the delightful website Good Reads and as you know I am now a 'reader' and so now I have a cool new book widget thingy on the side over there -----> and I'm all excited about that today. Yay!
- renew / update my Flickr account (done)
- get payroll finished
- start addressing semi-annual postcards for work
- ap and ar
- read blogs from this weekend (working on it)
- homework with kids 
- Zumba class tonight at 7 (yay!)

what's on your list???

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Tiffany said...

HI!!!!! Thanks for the cute introduction and awesome kindness ~ So glad you are on good reads now too!! Find me on there if you want!
I am excited to be your Happy Mail partner! :)

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