discover : polyvore

Oh My-Lanta! 
I've seen it before, but had absolutely no idea what it all meant. Polyvore might be my new favorite site. It's like creating your dream outfit, your dream closet, your dream wardrobe all the time without spending all the money. Genius I tell ya! So inspiring to see everyone's 'collections' and holy-crap-batman the shoes!! eek!
Here's what I've found today just browsing around...

eeek! I could spend all day here!! I think I might! lol!!
Happy Friday loves!!


Jamie said...

Oohhh, love! I got on there once but I've seen so many awesome outfits lately, I need to visit again soon! I'm afraid it will make me want to go shopping too badly tho! ha!
Love ya girl!!! xoxo

Amber said... is soooo addicting!!

Gina said...

Oh my the eye candy!! I'll have to check this place out.
I got my Pampered Chef order today...thanks!

Jamie said...

i loveee polyvore...but i have to stay away or i'll waste entire weekends playing around on it;)

NICOLE said...

oh yea, love this stuff!!

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