Book Review : The Time Traveler's Wife

I began reading this book last week (I believe) and it was yet again another one I just couldn't put down.
Since Henry time travels the story reads back and forth in time and dates, and you have to pay attention to the age of Henry (and Clare) often. By the 30th page or so I was able to 'get it' (remember, I am still a beginner reader, so stories might not click as quickly for me) and I was fully enveloped in the life-long love story of Henry and Clare. The time traveling back and forth, recurring scenes from different perspectives made this book super interesting. I would certainly like to re-read this book.
Some other points of interest... I would have to rate this book "R" due to graphic language and content (lots of use of the F-word both as a 'word' and as an 'action') but it really fits so naturally in the book and it seems to bring you closer to the characters and their relationship that it doesn't really offend (at least didn't offend me in any way)... 
I will tell you that I cried. I cried more than I've cried in any other book I've read so far (which I think is just about every book yet this year... maybe it's me). It was so ... touching, and well, my heart just ached and needed to let it all go. Listen, ask anyone... I'm not a cry baby. But this was such a beautiful story that it affected me and made me cry. Period. Don't dwell. lol
I've passed the book onto my sister and I will be anxious to talk with her about it... and even more anxious to watch the movie!!
Two thumbs up!!

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Diana said...

I've never read it and the movie looked a little confusing, but the whole crying part gets me! Something to stir emotions that strong must be good! Thanks for the review ^_^

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