this is important...

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In the grand scheme of things, we are really here only a short time. Make it matter.
Spend time with people who make your heart happy.
Surprise people with thoughtfulness. It fills your soul with joy.
Dream Big. And then make it happen.
When you feel broken, have a good cry and then pick up the pieces and start again. Right then.
Believe in Hope. and Grace. and Forgiveness.
Love without worry or fear.
Know that you are worth the happiness you feel.
and you're worth being your best and taking care of yourself.
Be bold. Take chances. It will be worth it.
Let go of the regrets. The only thing you can change is your future.
Practice random acts of kindness.
You can't control the behavior of others. You can only be your best self.
Laugh. a lot.
Be thankful. for every little thing.
Create Adventure. It makes life fun.
Live Inspired. It makes your soul overflow with goodness.


Vivianna said...

thanks for post this- it was great to read it a second time.

Carrie said...

very important stuff!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Love this all.

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