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although I have never actually 'experienced' a White Christmas (I grew up in SoCal) this has always and forever been my number one favorite Christmas Movie. I even watch it throughout the year (don't judge, hehe)
What is YOUR favorite Christmas Movie??
*Only 15 more days until Christmas... are you getting excited??? I know I am!!


Jamie said...

I am getting excited! I'll be even more excited after this weekend and getting some shopping for the boys done! (Bonus check please! :D) It's also our office Christmas party and that is always fun! Hopefully people won't piss me off when we're shopping. Then all will be good. =)

My fave movie: ELF!!! And A Christmas Story!!! I don't think I've ever watched White Christmas!!!!

katie said...

i've actually never seen that movie. it looks cute though! i'm getting suuuper excited for christmas!!! [even though we'll be traveling for like 12 hours on christmas day...] my favorite christmas movie is either elf or the grinch with jim carrey.


Carrie said...

I have never seen this movie but now I want to for sure!

Favorite Christmas movie Elf and A Christmas story I am very excited for Christmas just wish I was finished shopping!



Deb said...

Yes!!! I'm excited!!! I still have a lot to do but that's ok. It's fun stuff. Great images from a classic movie! :o)

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