i need sleeeeeep....

Yes this is me resting at work... i'm running on 1hr sleep an... on Twitpic
last night:
- got home from photo class at 10pm
- had a friend over til 11pm
- 11pm to 1115pm watched 'Chopped' on Food Network before I crashed out
- was awakened by the hubs in severe pain at 1215am
- arrived to ER by 1am
- found out the hubs has a kidney stone
- home from ER at 4am
- 4am to 6am went in search of a 24 hour pharmacy (NONE to be found) but did buy a starbucks for me and breakfast for kiddos
- 630am woke kids, jumped in for a very brief shower, dressed
- 7am out the door to work
- 1130am (NOW) can this day go by any slower...
i promisecakes a new happy blog tomorrow!!


Violet Bella said...

so sorry to hear about the hubby. i hope you get some rest tonite!

Amber said...

Oh no! Hope the hubby is doing better. I also hope you all are able to catch up on your sleep tonight!

Carrie said...

oh no I hope he is better soon and you get some sleep!

BTW I love chopped


Gina said...

Oh no! Looks like you had a rough & very tiring day. Hope your husband is feeling better.

Loni's World said...

Hope your hubby is doing well and hope you got that rest.

Liz said...

Holy cow and I thought my nights with a newborn were bad! I hope Paul is feeling better...kidney stones SUCK!!!

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