Excuse Me... I Think You Have My Stapler

Seriously... I don't understand it, but then again I do. I'm sitting here in my office, we have 6 staplers, all different styles and sizes. For whatever reason, I have become personally attached to MY stapler.

I've had it as long as I've been here (10 years) and for whatever reason it is totally apart of my every day. I am super protective of it, if it's missing... heads are rolling. hehe I swear, it really is the strangest of things... I suppose its a relationship, lol. Here are some 'stapler eye candy' for the office geek in you!


Jamie said...

LOL, we get attached to the supplies we always use! I'm that way too!

Staples said...

I agree with you, when it sits on your desk it becomes YOUR stapler (or other piece of office supply).

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