RVA Project 2

Is *finally complete!! The long story short... I came home friday night all spitfire ready to work on this quilt... I was all super excited when I had it cut out, pinned up, then sewn together and ready to turn out in less than 2 hours.
Then I turned it out.
Don't ask me how, but I managed to pin and sew the whole thing inside out (this is probably why I always stuck to the paper projects, hehe). So... I spent the next 4 hours unstitiching it. Grrr.
I woke up Saturday morning, re-pinned it, sewed it (the correct way) then got down on the ground (pic here) and hand-stitched the X.
Don't misunderstand.... I really did love this project. But man-oh-man... lesson learned! :-)

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