*close to a personal day...

The skies are overcast here in Arizona.

The kids are at my parents house watching movies and spending quality time.

Paul is at the tattoo shop with his mother and sister (his mother is 50 today, and is getting a tattoo of the Claddagh and his sister is getting the same, but smaller).

I'm drinking Spiced Chai Latte and Smart Water.

I'm snackin' on some yummy Yogurt Covered Raisins.

I'm listening to 'Singers and Standards' on Music Choice.

And, I've been scrapbooking the majority of the morning.

I plan to paint some pieces for the house, and make yummy chocolate covered pretzels.

Without asking, I've been granted a Personal Day... it's funny how things just seem to work out when you need it most. :-)

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Gigi said...

You have to love a personal day, especially an unexpected one! Glad you got to enjoy!

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